We know you and your family will love our unique fragrance and aromatic candles. Crafted right here in Oklahoma, our candles are especially made with you and your family in mind. Our candle fragrances are inspired by a wide variety of scents and aromas, with some fragrances made of fruits, woods, flowers and a few surprises. 

Our candle crafting facilities are near Oklahoma City. Magnolia candle creations are made with love and care. They can take you back to your grandmother’s kitchen, help you explore your wilder side or soothe your spirit after a long day at work. Our candle fragrances are special and unique in every way. Their scents have a way of making your house into a home and very memorable to your family and friends. 

So, stay a while and choose a candle scent which is right for you and your home. Do you have a special candle need for a special room? One of our candle experts will help you choose the right scent – even for those difficult rooms or places. 

This is not your ordinary candle! Our candle creations are proudly Made in the USA!

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Signature Scents

Coconut Vanilla.jpeg

Coconut Vanilla

 Fall in love with our signature coconut vanilla fragrance. The crisp tropical smell of coconut blended with the warm smooth fragrance of vanilla.

Sit back in your favorite chair and enjoy as the aroma comes to life.


- Fruity Delights Collection

Leather Vanilla 2_edited.jpg

Leather Vanilla

Distant and rich, our Leather Vanilla embodies the warm and luxurious aroma of fine leather and creamy vanilla. Notes of buttercream and a hint of cake give this candle the perfect amount of sweet.  It creates a comforting nostalgic atmosphere perfect for any time of year


Men's Choice Collection 

Cherry Almond.jpg

Cherry Almond

Prepare to be amazed with our signature Cherry Almond fragrance. The delicious blend of cherries and almonds. Our delightful candle has all the fragrances of our black cherry mixed with a robust combination of lemon and sweet almonds. The savory aroma of this candle is like an enjoyable morning treat that will leave you wanting more.


- Sweet Lil' Treat Collection

Leather Mulberry 2.jpg

Leather Mulberry

Wow, the perfect blend of leather and sweet wild mulberries come together in this beautifully scented candle. It will remind you of eating delicious mulberries while out for a Sunday horseback ride.


Men's Choice Collection 


Our candle creations are proudly Made in the USA!

Mahogany Vanilla.jpg

Mahogany Vanilla

This fragrance is one of our most popular, With a rich and creamy blend of sweet wood, musk, coconut, delightful vanilla, and tonka beens. The perfect mixture for any home and family 


Men's Choice Collection

Mahogany Cinnamon 2.jpg

Mahogany Cinnamon

The earthy and refreshing scent of mahogany with an added splash of cinnamon will have your senses craving more. This fragrance is a special blend of spray cinnamon, citrus, jasmine, and rose enhanced by sweet wood. The perfect aroma that will invigorate your senses. 

Men's Choice Collection

Fragrance of the Month

Palo Santo

Palo Santo.jpg

The smooth creamy woodsy fragrance of our Palo Santo candle. The soft musk will leave you feeling relaxed while the wood and warm amber will delight your senses.


Status Style

Elegant candle jars that blend seamlessly with interiors.

Quality thick glass that withstands the times of style and trends. Easy to clean 12 oz standing 4 inches tall. The sleek, urban style will showcase your creative ideas in a neutral design that blends elegantly with modern or contemporary interiors.

Charming Country

Rustic candle jars for every minimalist decor.

This charming 4 oz tapered glass jar is a favorite of those looking for a beautifully simple rustic décor for their home. Extemely versatile, you will fall in love with this delightful jar.



Calming Fragrances Collection

Our signature scent collection that will leave you feeling revitalized.

A fresh, clean, and invigorating aroma to revive your senses. This exciting blend of delicate scented candle aromas will whisk you away and leave you feeling refreshed. Your choice of scented bricks, the rustic candle jar or the status candle jar.

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