Magnolia Philosophy

Our philosophy at My Beautiful Scents, is to handcraft the most unique candles which have the most memorable fragrances and scents. We want our customers to experience the wonder and joy of our candle products through the rich aromas.

Magnolia Candles is family-owned, and family operated in the Great State of Oklahoma. With our manufacturing facility located near Oklahoma City and our rich family tradition - we want to give our customers the same joy and excitement which our candles provide to everyone who buys a Magnolia candle. 

Enjoy our many candle fragrances, and may our candles provide you and your family hours upon hours of joy and peace as they do for our family. 

This is not your ordinary candle! Our candle creations are proudly Made in the USA!


Agave Papaya

You will imagine the tropical island of your dreams with our Agave Papaya candle. With scents of papaya, pineberries, pomegranate and other exotic fragrances, our Agave Papaya candle may inspire you to run away to that tropical island.

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Alpine Frost.jpg

Alpine Frost

Envision skiing down the alpine mountains. Breathing in all the fresh clean air and aromas around you. A curious mixture of wood and zest blended with the wonderful fragrance of frosted flowers and fruit as first frost hits the alpine skyline. It will remind you of your first time on the snowy slopes

Apple Pie.jpg

Apple Pie

Take a ride down memory lane with the nostalgic aromas of our mouthwatering homemade apple pie. This memory inviting scent starts with cimmamon and clove and a dash of almond and caramel. It will take you back to mom's kitchen on a snowly winter day.

Apple Pumpkin Butter.jpg

Apple Pumpkin Butter

Awe, the sweet taste of Apple Pumpkin Butter on lightly toasted bread on a brisk cool morning. This is a rich buttery fragrance blended with enticing scents of sweet apples, cinnamon, and pumpkin. This wonderful candle will remind you of enjoying the sweet aroma of grandma’s homemade Apple Pumpkin Butter.

Apple Strudel_edited.png

Apple Strudel

This wonderfully scented candle will take you back to the warmth of your Grandmother's kitchen. Hearty and delightful apple, sugar, cinnamon, and baked crust fragrances will fill your home with the cozy aromas of a simpler place and time.

Autumn Harvest.jpg

Autumn Harvest

Open your senses and let fall begin. With its cranberry, nutmeg, autumn citrus, clove, and cinnamon sticks our Autumn Harvest candle will take you back to simpler times. This will remind you of a cool fall evening and the fragrance and beauty of fall leaves.  

Autum Pear_edited.png

Autumn Pear

Our Autumn Pear candle will soothe you after a hard day’s work. With scents of pears and spices of cinnamon and other fragrances, this candle will make you forget the stresses of the day you left behind.

Our candle creations are proudly Made in the USA!

Baja Catus_edited.png

Baja Cactus Blossom

Welcome in the beauty of the desert with our Baja Cactus Blossom candle creation. The scents of fresh white flowers, green cactus and sun kissed coconuts, this candle will provide you the serenity and quiet of nature’s desert.

Balasam and Berry.jpg

Balsam and Berry

Christmas time is in the air. The warm blended fragrance of Siberian fir and cedar coupled together with the fruity scent of sugared berries. The warm aroma of this candle reminds you of putting up a new Christmas tree with the family and hanging reefs on every door.    

Banana Nut Bread.jpg

Banana Nut Bread

The sweet aroma of freshly baked bread combined with the wonderful fragrance of bananas. Our Banana Nut Bread candle will remind you of eating a warm slice of Banana Nut Bread with a nice cold cup of milk.


Banana Palm Leaf

Imagine lying on the beach next to your stylish bungalow with this candle. Our Banana Palm Leaf candle features a variety of tropical scents and fragrances. Relax and enjoy!

Our candle creations are proudly Made in the USA!

Barn Wood.jpg

Barn Wood

Our Barn Wood candle will make you remember a time when everything was unplugged and simpler. With its woodsy aroma of fresh cedar combined with patchouli and rich leather. This candle will transport you back in time where enjoyment could be found in your neighbor’s barn at the yearly shindig.

Our candle creations are proudly Made in the USA!



It’s starting to smell al lot like Christmas! That’s what you’ll be thinking when you smell our Bayberry fragrance. It has the perfect blend of fur and balsam. With just the right amount of nutmeg and spice. It just SCREAMS old time Christmas.

Our candle creations are proudly Made in the USA!

Black Cherry.jpg

Black Cherry

Our Black Cherry candle will stimulate your senses and invigorate your mood. This candle creation features wild cherries, raspberries and hints of green apple fragrances.

Black Cherry Tobacco.jpg

Black Cherry Tobacco 

Experience the sophistication of our Black Cherry Tobacco candle. This unique candle features the aromas of tobacco in a fine smoking pipe and fused with wild cherries and other fruits. This is a scent to remember.

Our candle creations are proudly Made in the USA!

Black Cypress & Cassis.jpg

Black Cypress & Cassis

The wonderful floral fragrance will invigorate your senses. With its masculine aroma of cypress and floral scents combined with a dash of sweet cotton candy. This candle will allow you to envision yourself hiking through the Australian outback.

Our candle creations are proudly Made in the USA!

Black Fig & Honey.jpg

Black Fig & Honey

Enjoy the pleasant allure of honey combined with a sweet and sugary fig. A sweet and intense fruity fragrance with warm honey and ginger mixed with creamy vanilla. It will make you think of a delightful and tasty afternoon treat.

Our candle creations are proudly Made in the USA!

Black Ice 2.jpg

Black Ice

Our Black Ice candle has something for everyone. With its subtle feminine floral scent as well as its masculine sandalwood aroma makes the perfect match for anyone. It is an exquisite, long-lasting fragrance sure to brighten your day.

Our candle creations are proudly Made in the USA!


Black Lace

A seductive elegant aroma. Our Black Lace candle draws you in with its soft floral and amber fragrance combined with its wood and musk scent. This candle would be perfect for a long-awaited romantic candlelight dinner for two.

Our candle creations are proudly Made in the USA!


Black Night Phoenix

Our Black Night Phoenix is one of our most unique candle creations. It has scents of fresh citrus and mint, infused with black rose and other flower and plant fragrances. Just like the mythical Phoenix, you will feel reborn and reinvigorated.



Our candle creations are proudly Made in the USA!

Black Pepper & Bergamot.jpg

Black Pepper & Bergamot

Seize the last of falls vanishing beauty with our Black Pepper & Bergamot fragranced candle. It has complex layers of spicy black pepper and invigorating aromas of bergamot and lavender. A terrific addition to any man cave or living room.


Our candle creations are proudly Made in the USA!

Blood Orange & Goji Berry.jpg

Blood Orange & Goji Berry

What an amazing exotic tropical delight!!! Our Blood Orange & Goji Berry will go great with any décor. It has the perfect fragrance blend of grapefruit, tangerine, and orange along with the satisfying tartness of goji berries. The amazing aroma from our candle will transform any room in your home into a tropical paradise.


Our candle creations are proudly Made in the USA!

Blue Agave_edited.png

Blue Agave & Melon

Refresh and revitalize the air in your home with our Blue Agave & Melon candle. The scent lingers, giving your home a fresh and clean aroma. It’s perfect for when company comes over.

Booty Bare.jpg

Booty Bare

This wonderful exotic fragrance will have you picturing yourself on a white sandy beach looking over a beautiful blue ocean. Our candle has a saucy tropical scent of coconut and strawberries blended with tropical flowers and sugar. So, grab a hammock, light a candle and enjoy the exotic aroma of tropical bliss.

Our candle creations are proudly Made in the USA!


Cannabis & Exotic spice.jpg

Cannabis & Exotic Spice

Our Cannabis & Exotic Spice candle fragrance is not your typical cannabis. It has Chinese hemp and Nepal cannabis as well as cassia root and patchouli leaves. Regrettably, for those who have medical issues, this candle does not contain THC.

Our candle creations are proudly Made in the USA!


Caramel Apple_edited.png

Caramel Apple

Have fun with our Caramel Apple candle! Think of a perfect day at the fair with your family. This scent will remind you of spending the day with your family at a perfect picnic.


Our candle creations are proudly Made in the USA!



The fresh and inviting fragrance of a cedar tree. Our candle has a heartily blend of birch and cedar wood combined with Siberian fur and blue spruce. Imagine yourself standing on the front porch of your log cabin breathing in the fresh mountain air.


Our candle creations are proudly Made in the USA!

Cherry Almond.jpg

Cherry Almond

The delicious blend of cherries and almonds. Our delightful candle has all the fragrances of our black cherry mixed with a robust combination of lemon and sweet almonds. The savory aroma of this candle is like an enjoyable morning treat that will leave you wanting more.


Our candle creations are proudly Made in the USA!


China Rain

Nothing smells cleaner than the pristine crisp air after a morning rain. Our candle offers a tantalizing scent of a soft bouquet of bergamot, fresh greens, Chinese lilies, and Japanese rose mixed with white moss and clean musk. The aroma of this candle will leave any room smelling clean and refreshing. Its like standing in the center of a beautiful Chinese garden on a bright summer morning after a light cool rain.


Our candle creations are proudly Made in the USA!

Fudge Brownie_edited.png

Chocolate Fudge Brownie

If our Chocolate Fudge Brownie candle doesn’t make you hungry, we don’t know what will. But don’t eat it! It’s rich, full fragrance and aroma will satisfy your senses and fill your body with goodness.

Our candle creations are proudly Made in the USA!

Christmas Tree Farm.jpg

Christmas Tree Farm

The vibrant sparkling fragrance of a stunning new Christmas tree. This amazing blend of aromas in this candle combines citrus, apple, spice, pine needle, fir, balsam, and cedar. This will evoke the wonderful memory of taking your family to the local Christmas tree farm to take home the perfect tree.

Our candle creations are proudly Made in the USA!

Cinnamon Red Hot_edited.png

Cinnamon (Red Hot)

Some people like it hot! Our Cinnamon (Red Hot) candle is one of our favorites. Its intense scent will invigorate your senses and will remind you of those heart-shaped candies everyone loves.

Cinnamon Vanilla.png

Cinnamon Vanilla

Yum, Yum, Yum!!! Distinctly different from our other candles, our Cinnamon Vanilla fragrance joins the full-bodied scent of spicy cinnamon with the sweet and creamy accords of vanilla. The fantastic aroma evokes the excitement of the holiday and fall seasons.


Our candle creations are proudly Made in the USA!

Citrus & Cilantro.jpg

Citrus & Cilantro

If you crave your surroundings to smell like a bright and sunny day. You will love our Citrus and Cilantro candle. It has a super clean and fresh fragrance with a unique blend of citrus, cilantro, verbena, jasmine, and musk. It is sure to make your senses come alive.


Our candle creations are proudly Made in the USA!

Citrus and Sage.jpg

Citrus & Sage

This highly fragrant candle will make any kitchen have a crisp clean aroma. With a special blend of fresh lemon, dazzling lime, and earthy sage, this candle is sure to have your senses harmonizing.


Our candle creations are proudly Made in the USA!

Clean Cotton_edited.png

Clean Cotton

If you are looking for a clean scent, our Clean Cotton candle creation will certainly liven up any room in your home. It features sun-dried cotton, infused with flowers and a touch of citrus. Its fragrance is refreshing.


Coconut Bourbon

Our Coconut Bourbon candle is one of our most complex and intense fragrance candles! Its intensity will certainly reinvigorate you while making you feel at ease. This candle creation features shredded coconut, Kentucky bourbon, butters and slight fruit scents. This candle provides something for just about everybody.

Our candle creations are proudly Made in the USA!

Coconut Lime Verbena.jpg

Coconut Lime Verbena

Relaxing by the pool on a warm summer day. Sipping on your favorite fruity drink. This is what our dreamy delicious Coconut Lime Verbena candle will remind you of. With its sparkling lime and soothing coconut. The delightful aroma is sure to bring a tropical feel to any area.

Our candle creations are proudly Made in the USA!



Get ready to be energized. This amazing blend of coffee fragrance and real coffee creates a scented candle with an aroma which will excite and revive you. If you love coffee, you will love this scented candle.


Creamy Vanilla

The summer heat is beating down. All you want is a nice cool reprieve. This amazing aromatic scented candle will remind you of enjoying a sweet vanilla ice cream on a hot summer day.  A rich and creamy blend of coconut and berries on a bed of sweet vanilla and warm Tonka Bean.

Creme Burlee.jpg

Crème Burlee

Its evening time, a rough day behind you. Now you are carving something sweet. There it is, a delicious savory Crème Burlee. The aroma of this delectable candle with its sweet vanilla beans, caramelized sugars, and creamy French coffee will leave you hungry for more.


Our candle creations are proudly Made in the USA!

Cucumber & Green Tea.jpg

Cucumber & Green Tea

You could call this a cool candle. Cool and fresh that is. Summer cucumber scents blended with soft and sweet aromas of fresh melons with a touch of mint. Relax and unwind by your pool with the sun filled aromas of this astonishing scented candle.

Dauntless 3.jpg


A men’s fine fragrance with a bold masculine combination of leather, black currant, and oak moss. The aroma of this scented candle will remind you of riding horseback on a cool morning thru the forest. 

Dickens Christmas.jpg

Dickens Christmas

It is Christmas time. The snow is falling, and everyone is nice and cozy by the warm fire. The wonderful aroma of Christmas is in the air. Enjoy the aromatic fragrance of a fruity spicy bouquet blended with cinnamon, clove, nutmeg, and juniper in this impressive scented candle.

Dragon Fruit.jpg

Dragon Fruit

Indulge your senses with our exotic Dragon Fruit fragrance. Fresh orange sweetens the aroma of our candle with blends of dragon fruit and plumeria. Friends and family will love coming over with this one of a kind mouthwatering scent.


Our candle creations are proudly Made in the USA!

Dream Angel.jpg

Dream Angel

Created from the most blissful dreams comes a harmonious feminine blend of delicate muguet, rich jasmine, and spring violets. The luxurious aroma of this warm angelic scented candle will have you constantly walking on air.



A fresh, clean, and invigorating aroma to revive your senses. This exciting blend of eucalyptus leaves with lime in this scented candle will leave you feeling refreshed and revitalized. 



Lounging by the fireplace with a good book. This warm and cozy aroma composed of woods, spices, and fresh eucalyptus in this scented candle, embodies all the comforts of home. 



Experience the warm cozy feeling of being bundled up with your favorite flannel on a cool morning with this uniquely soothing blend. This sensational Flannel scented candle combines the wonderful aromas of blissful citrus, spicy rose, and violet with musk and sweet vanilla. A surpassing aroma of peaceful and calming serenity.

Our candle creations are proudly Made in the USA!

French Vanilla.jpg

French Vanilla

The wonderful delicious aroma of French vanilla in this scented candle will remind you of the extraordinary ice cream shared with family after Sunday lunch on a warm summer day.



Beautiful classic fragrance of the gardenia flower. Our fragrant candle embodies the natural fresh green floral bouquet of white flowers. This dreamy delicate aroma will whisk you away to a beautiful flower garden at sunset.


Our candle creations are proudly Made in the USA!

Genuine Leather.jpg

Genuine Leather

Wow! This actually smells like leather. A leathery bouquet that smells like the inside of a saddle-shop. The aroma of this scented candle will let you enjoy the awesome fragrance of leather again.


Ginger & Lime

Our wonderful Ginger & Lime candle has an amazing and clean fragrance. Made with fresh lime, citrusy orange, peach, musky clove and last but not least warm ginger. Its aroma is fresh and invigorating. This candle is sure to make both men and women alike fall in love with it.

Our candle creations are proudly Made in the USA!

Ginger & Pear.jpg

Ginger & Pear

The sweet aroma of a pear orchard. A dash of orange adds sparkle to the fantastic blend of fresh pear and warm ginger infused with cinnamon, maple, and sugared vanilla. This alluring fragrance will carry you away to a blossoming pear orchard in the middle of fall.

Our candle creations are proudly Made in the USA!

Ginger & White Tea.jpg

Ginger & White Tea

Relish the calming hypnotic indulges of a warm cup of tea on a cool spring morning. Delight in the wonderfully pleasant blend of fresh ginger and light floral in this scented candle.


Gingerbread Spice

Fall has arrived! Our Gingerbread Spice has an aromatic blend of powerful clove and charming vanilla. It will remind you of warm, fresh out of the oven, gingerbread spice cookies.

Hansel & Gretel's House.jpg

Hansel & Gretel’s House

The trees are covered in snow, the fireplace is warm, and it’s time to have some fun. This scented candle provides symphonious blend of rich cocoa, vanilla bean, lemon, and orange with hints of nutmeg and honey. This fond aroma will remind you of all the gingerbread houses made with the kids.



It is fall, friends and family are gathered around. The feast is prepared on the dinner table. It is now time to relax and enjoy the meal. The pleasant aroma of cinnamon and cloves with hints of sweet apples and pumpkin spring to life in this enjoyable scented candle.

Herb Garden.jpg

Herb Garden

Summer is in full swing and the delightful aroma from the herb garden fills the air. This scented candle creates a spectacular fragrance blend of Australian lime, spicy clove, cedarwood, and earthy patchouli.

Hibiscus Guava.jpg

Hibiscus Guava

It like being whisked away to an exotic tropical island surrounded by beautiful floral and sweet fruit scents. This extraordinary blend of hibiscus, guava, and beach blossoms with hints of grapefruit agua fresca, Mexican passionflower, and jasmine create a tropical paradise in the scented candle.

Honeydew Melon.jpg

Honeydew Melon

Sweet and clean sun-kissed melon gathered fresh from the garden. This scented candle will fill your home with the sweet delicious aroma of a fresh cut melon.

Hurricane Daiquiri.jpg

Hurricane Daiquiri

Night out with friends; dancing, fun, and amazing drinks. This aroma will evoke and awaken your senses. A unique blend of rum, fresh fruit and sweet syrup in this scented candle will keep you begging for more.

Indian Sandalwood.jpg

Indian Sandalwood

It’s time to slow down. Grab a good book, snuggle into your favorite seat next to the window and relax. The aroma of this warm and rich woodsy scented candle will melt all your worries away. 

Jack Frost.jpg

Jack Frost

Winter is finally here. Making snowmen in the snow, sled rides, snowball fights, and the sweet smell of peppermint candy is in the air. The cool, wintery mix of menthol, eucalyptus, and wild mint with hints of vanilla in this scented candle will stimulate and refresh your senses. 

Jamaican Me Crazy.jpg

Jamaican Me Crazy

An explosive tropical fragrance sure to WOW the senses. Our candle has an irresistible blend of papaya, pineapple, grapefruit, tangerine, banana, and sweet coconut. The enchanting aroma will transport you to a stunning tropical oasis.


Our candle creations are proudly Made in the USA!



Strolling thru the field on a warm spring day with potent aroma of wild jasmine filling the air. Then indulge in the aroma of a jasmine bouquet in this scented candle. The aromas from this candle will help you meditate or just relieve the stress from a long day. 

Karma 1.jpg


Getting ready to meditate? Our Karma candle is just what you need. It has an enchanting and exotic blend of patchouli, soothing lavender, refreshing lemongrass, and orange oil. It is sure to help you reach your Zen.

Our candle creations are proudly Made in the USA!



Imagine strolling thru the orchard on a warm windy day. With the sweet and sour blend of mandarin and pineapple filling your senses. The exuberant aroma of this scented candle will make you crave the fresh fruit.



The smooth relaxing aroma of lavender. The entrancing fragrance of our candle combines a bouquet of lavender with bergamot, lemon, and eucalyptus. Enjoy the calming tranquility of peace and happiness.


Our candle creations are proudly Made in the USA!

Lemon Chiffon.jpg

Lemon Chiffon

When the craving for something sweet hits. The mouth-watering aroma of a freshly baked creamy lemon pie can really hit the spot. Enjoy this delightfully scented candle.

Lick Me All Over.jpg

Lick Me All Over

Exceptional exotic fragrance with wonderful blends of raspberry, cantaloupe, and watermelon with hints of jasmine, violet and fresh grapefruit. It’s like you are walking thru an exotic tropical garden with friends while large palm leaves give shade from the sun and unique aroma of fresh fruit fully surrounds you. The aroma of this scented candle will leave you in a place of complete bliss, delight, and peace.

Our candle creations are proudly Made in the USA!



The potent aroma of our Lilac candle has fresh lilac, enchanted rose, fragrant water lilies, and spicy pepper carnations. It is sure to remind you of a new beginning and with it, a new energy and vitality.

Our candle creations are proudly Made in the USA!

Mahogany Teakwood.jpg

Mahogany Teakwood

The Woodsy, earthly, and refreshing scent of our Mahogany Teakwood candle will have you craving more. This fragrance entails a special blend of citrus, jasmine, and rose enhanced by sweet wood and musk. The perfect aroma to welcome you home from work after a long day.


Our candle creations are proudly Made in the USA!

Maple Glazed Bacon.jpg

Maple Glazed Bacon

Very few things taste better than sweet savory bacon. Our amazing candle couples a delicious mixture of maple bacon and BBQ. A very intriguing and tasty aroma unlike any candle you have ever smelled.


Our candle creations are proudly Made in the USA!

Maple Pecan.jpg

Maple Pecan

This is sure to become one of your new favorite scents. The aroma of pecans with syrupy maple and a mix of caramel are pure perfection. It will remind you of Grandma’s good Ole’ Southern pecan pie.


Our candle creations are proudly Made in the USA!

Midnight Pomegrante.jpg

Midnight Pomegranate

A particularly sophisticated aroma. Our Midnight Pomegranate candle utilizes a dark blend of pomegranate, anise, and black berry mingled with iris and tobacco flower all mixed together with the calming fragrance of sandalwood and musk. With a stronger throw than our original pomegranate, it will quickly become one of your favorites.


Our candle creations are proudly Made in the USA!

Monkey's Bananas 2.jpg

Monkey’s Bananas

This fragrance is amazing! Despite the odd name, it is truly a one-of-a-kind scent. With a unique blend of juicy grapefruit and fresh bananas combined with hints of kiwi, strawberries, and bubble gum creates this wonderfully scented candle. Reminds you of walking thru the beautiful jungles of Mexico.



Aah, the sweet fruity fragrance of wild mulberries. Reminds you of riding your bike down the neighborhood to the Mulberry tree then enjoying a delicious treat right there on the street. This sweet aroma of mulberries, cinnamon sticks, wild berries, and orange peels all combined in this beautifully scented candle.


Nag Champa

Calm your nerves, relax your body, and get ready for a night filled with blissful dreams. A harmonious fragrant union of patchouli, orange flower, wood, sugared musk, sandalwood, and vanilla. The calming aroma of our Nag Champa candle will let you feel completely relaxed and at peace.


Our candle creations are proudly Made in the USA!



Enjoy the woodsy oak scent with soothing earthly fragrances. Our fragranced Oak candle has a special blend of bergamot, sage, cedar wood, oak, and sandalwood. A warm and easing aroma that will entice your senses.


Our candle creations are proudly Made in the USA!

Oatmeal Milk and Honey.jpg

Oatmeal Milk & Honey

This wonderful fragrance is warm and inviting with its calming blend of creamy milk, fresh honey, and relaxing oatmeal. It will revitalize not only your mind, but your senses as well.


Our candle creations are proudly Made in the USA!

Ocean Waves.jpg

Ocean Waves

Imagine relaxing on a beautiful sandy white beach watching the waves of the crystal-clear waters. This scented candle creates a wonderful aroma of nectarine and ozonic accord blended with white thyme and lavender.



Think of your favorite classic 1st edition. Hw, the way the pages smelled. That is what our Oxford candle will bring to mind. It has rich amber and woodsy cedar as well as a masculine blend of frankincense and ginger. It is sure to take your senses on an amazing journey.

Our candle creations are proudly Made in the USA!



The admirably strong pungent fragrance of patchouli. The amazing aroma of our Patchouli candle contains a peculiar mix of patchouli leaves, orange flower, cedar wood, and black wood. A robust scent that will sure to delight any patchouli lover.

Our candle creations are proudly Made in the USA!

Patchouli Orange.jpg

Patchouli Orange

Enjoy the calm and relaxing aroma of the patchouli flower fused with the wonderful citrus fragrance that smells like fresh squeezed oranges in this scented candle. It’s like savoring the peace of an Asian garden while the warm breeze blows the sweet aroma of citrus from beyond.



The pure refreshing smell of a pine tree. The fresh scent of Northern Pines created in our Pine candle has a vibrant blend of fir, balsam, hemlock, Tonka, and pine needles. The exhilarating aroma that surrounds you while hiking down a beautiful mountain side on a cool afternoon.

Our candle creations are proudly Made in the USA!

Pink Magnolia.jpg

Pink Magnolia

The floral aroma of a magnolia tree really comes to life in this fragrant blend of exotic flowery scented candle. Imagine enjoying a cold glass of iced tea on a warm summer’s day sitting under the cool shade of a Magnolia tree surrounded by the wonderful fragrance.

Pink Sugar.jpg

Pink Sugar

A pleasantly sweet and tempting scent. Our Pink Sugar candle has a fabulous combination of cotton candy, Sicilian orange, fig leaves, and lily of the valley that will leave a sweet smell in the air. It will make you hunger for fresh strawberries dipped in delectable sugar.


Our candle creations are proudly Made in the USA!

Pistachio Macarons.jpg

Pistachio Macaroon

Yum, Yum in your tum, tum. That is what your senses will tell you when you get a whiff of our Pistachio Macaroon candle. It has a delectable blend of coconut, sugar, buttery cookie, maraschino cherry, vanilla, amaretto cream, and vanilla ganache. A perfect treat without the guilt.


Our candle creations are proudly Made in the USA!



Enjoy the sweet succulent aroma of this scented candle. A pleasing blend of peach, apple, and strawberry with a touch of vanilla. It’s like biting into a sweet juicy pomegranate.

Pomegranate Lemonade.jpg

Pomegranate Lemonade

It’s summertime. Family and friends are gathered on the back porch talking and having fun. The grill is on and everyone is enjoying the refreshing fruity drinks. This scented candle creates that spectacular aroma with blends of citrusy lemon, apple, and sweet raspberry combined with hints of rose and lily of the valley.

Pumpkin Carmel Delight.jpg

Pumpkin Caramel Delight

Fall is definitely here. This warm and inviting candle will remind you of the season. With its warm buttery streusel and toasted almond aromas blended together with spicy pumpkin, vanilla, creamy caramel and syrupy maple, our Pumpkin Caramel Delight candle will make your mouth water. As one of our best fall fragrances, this is sure to become a must have in any home.


Our candle creations are proudly Made in the USA!

Pumpkin Pie.jpg

Pumpkin Pie

This will bring back fond memories of fall feasts and Thanksgiving Day. The warm, sweet, and spiced aroma of pumpkin pie in this scented candle will make you crave for more.

Rainforest Blossom.jpg

Rainforest Blossom

Submerge yourself in the relaxing pure tranquility of the rainforest. Stimulate your senses with the clean fresh floral aroma. Enjoy this exotic blend of clean linen and wild rose combined with moss and woodland musk in the clean scented candle.



Roll up your sleeves, put on your apron and toss some flour about. It’s time for you and the kids to make this wonderful family treat. Indulge your senses in this sweet-scented candle. This wonderful aroma smells just like fresh baked snickerdoodle cookies.

Snowflakes and Citrus.jpg

Snowflakes & Citrus

Ever thought about what a snowflake smells like? Well, wonder no more. Our Snowflakes and Citrus candles create a soothing ambience with its icy appeal of frozen lemon zest, fresh squeezed tangerine, and sugar snow crystals. In a word, DELICIOUS! The aroma is just right without being to overpowering. It is sure to boost your winter jubilation.


Our candle creations are proudly Made in the USA!

Spearmint 3.png


The crisp refreshing smell of cool spearmint. An amazing mixture of peppermint, spearmint, and mint leaves comes together to create this vintage scent in our Spearmint candle. It smells just like the classic spearmint candy.


Our candle creations are proudly Made in the USA!

Strawberry Kiwi.jpg

Strawberry Kiwi

This impressive fragrance reminds you of enjoying a Saturday brunch with friends while savoring a fresh plate of fruits at your favorite restaurant. This refreshing aromatic blend of sweet strawberries and ripe kiwis in this scented candle will leave your mouth watering.

Sugar Cookie.jpg

Sugar Cookie

Hurry everyone, into the kitchen!!! The warm delicious sugar cookies are coming out of the oven. The sweet sugary aroma of fresh baked sugar cookies will fill your home in this delightful scented candle.



The clean fresh floral aroma of this scented candle will fill your home with a delightful spring fragrance. A wonderful green floral bouquet blend including rose, orange flower, and jasmine.



If you are looking for an amazing herbal, sweet, and earthly fragrance, well then look no further. The incredible aroma of our Sweetgrass candle will blow you away. It has a light, fresh earthy smell of fresh cut grass with an impression of sweet clover. Sit back, relax, and let your senses come alive while you indulge in the sweet aroma.

Our candle creations are proudly Made in the USA!



Relaxed and falling into a delightful dream state. This scented candle enduces a hypnotic blend developed to instantly evoke the mystery and beauty of an enchanted forest. A wonderful combination of berry, mandarin, coconut, apricot, mimosa, honeysuckle, and vanilla will leave you relaxed and dreamy.

Vanilla Bean.jpg

Vanilla Bean

Walking out of your cottage into the garden, strolling thru the rows of fresh vanilla allowing the intoxicating sweet aroma to fill your senses. This scented candle reproduces the true aroma of fresh vanilla beans.

Vanilla Macadamia Nut Coffee.jpg

Vanilla Macadamia Nut Coffee

Imagine drinking your favorite cup of coffee at your favorite bistro. This unique blend of sweet vanilla and macadamia nuts combined with coffee creates an amazing aroma in this scented candle.

Vanilla Orange Delight.jpg

Vanilla Orange Delight

That fantastic aroma of fresh squeezed oranges fused with sweet, sugary, buttery vanilla creates an amazing fragrance in this scented candle. It’s like eating the perfect dessert.



This candle is exploding with fragrance. Dont let the name fool you, the cool crisp aroma of a citrus orchard comes to life with our Volcano candle. Relax and delight your senses in the magestic scent of this amazing candle.

Watermelon Lemonade.jpg

Watermelon Lemonade

It is hot, the sun is beating down, but all the yardwork is now done. Yes!!! It’s time to stop, relax, and cool down with a refreshing glass of cold watermelon lemonade aromas. The blend of watermelon and freshly squeezed lemons in this scented candle will certainly always leave you feeling refreshed.

Winter Wonderland.jpg

Winter Wonderland

Imagine walking thru a winter paradise. A beautiful forest full of excitement and wonder covered in a blanket of new fallen snow. Let your imagination run wild while this scented candle fills your home with a fresh clean evergreen aroma.


Woodstock 1.jpg

Woodstock '69

The 60’s have been brought back! Our Woodstock ’69 candle is the ultimate hippie fragrance. It is blended with earthy patchouli and sweet nag champa. It is sure to bring a smile to your face and relax your mind and body.

Zanzibar Clove.jpg

Zanzibar Clove

The natural herbal fragrance of the Zanzibar clove. This amazing candle is made with spicy cinnamon, sweet nutmeg and a dab of allspice. All of this is combined with a tangy blend of oakmoss and natural musk. It creates a wonder spicy aroma to fill your home.

Our candle creations are proudly Made in the USA!