The thing about living in a small town - chances are everyone will eventually meet at the local grocery store or supper market.  Growing up near Oklahoma City, we were no different. 

Chris, our master candle craftsman, was working as a merchandiser for a popular soft drink distributor, when he met Annette, the other half of this candle duo. Our story is like many couples and families around the U.S., our paths crossed, and the rest is history. 

Our chance encounter went something like this: One day, I was stocking product and I heard something drop and spill, then something being mumbled.  I looked up and behold, there he was, covered from head to toe in sticky soda. I do believe that I laughed at him all the way to the storeroom, where I found him water and paper towels to clean up. He was not very pleased with me, but after the initial shock of being pink all over, he started to laugh too.

Our family began in 2001. With several ups and downs thru life and four kids later, we found ourselves operating a candle business.  Our passion for candles began in 2014.  We looked and looked everywhere and could not find a good Mulberry candle. Unfortunately, we would buy candles in which the fragrance would only last about a quarter of the way through. And on top of that, the scents were not that strong to begin with.  


Well, we got fed up with wasting time and money, so we started making our own candles.  It all started by experimenting with unique scents and filling our home with the most wonderful fragrances.  Soon thereafter our family and friends got involved. Then one day Chris said, “We need to sell these wonderful candles so everyone can enjoy a perfectly imperfect candle.” 

Now we are proud that “My Beautiful Scents” by Magnolia Country Candle Company is our family business. We work together as a family to bring you the most unique candle creations which cannot be found anywhere else. 

We love making beautiful full fragrance candles which people can enjoy for hours on end. We have no doubt that you will fall in love with them too. 

We are proud that our candle products are Made in the USA by expert candle craftsman. After years-and-years of dedication to their craft, our candle makers know the fragrances which will capture your imagination and set your spirit free. 

Magnolia Philosophy

Our philosophy at My Beautiful Scents, is to handcraft the most unique candles which have the most memorable fragrances and scents. We want our customers to experience the wonder and joy of our candle products through the rich aromas.

Magnolia Candles is family-owned, and family operated in the Great State of Oklahoma. With our manufacturing facility located near Oklahoma City and our rich family tradition - we want to give our customers the same joy and excitement which our candles provide to everyone who buys a Magnolia candle. 

Enjoy our many candle fragrances, and may our candles provide you and your family hours upon hours of joy and peace as they do for our family. 

Our candle creations are proudly Made in the USA!