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We know you and your family will love our unique fragrance and aromatic candles. Crafted right here in Oklahoma, our candles are especially made with you and your family in mind. Our candle fragrances are inspired by a wide variety of scents and aromas, with some fragrances made of fruits, woods, flowers and a few surprises. 

Our candle crafting facilities are near Oklahoma City. Magnolia candle creations are made with love and care. They can take you back to your grandmother’s kitchen, help you explore your wilder side or soothe your spirit after a long day at work. Our candle fragrances are special and unique in every way. Their scents have a way of making your house into a home and very memorable to your family and friends. 

So, stay a while and choose a candle scent which is right for you and your home. Do you have a special candle need for a special room? One of our candle experts will help you choose the right scent – even for those difficult rooms or places. 

This is not your ordinary candle! Our candle creations are proudly Made in the USA!

Candle Creations

Faith Family Friends


Country Candles 30 oz-Floral Fantasies


Vibe Candles 12.25 oz-Calming Fragrances


Status Candles 12.25 oz-Clean & Invigorating Aromas


Country Candles 4 oz-Fruity Delights


Heart Car Fragrance


Country Candles 8 oz-Holiday Bliss


Scent Bricks-Clean & Invigorating Aromas


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